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Membership Options

Premium Cigars offers 2 Membership Options - Premium and Classic Membership


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Q - Why do I have to become a member before I can order from you?

A - The tobacco legislation is very clear on the fact that it is illegal to sell tobacco to an underaged person. We may need to verify that you are indeed over 21 years of age and have your consent to sell cigars to you.


Q - What will I need to do to become a member?

A - You will only need to complete an online application form. All that we require is your name, residential/delivery address, contact numbers, email address and your date of birth. You may have to provide proof of identification upon delivery. Click here to contact us regarding more information about membership.


Q - Do you offer some sort of quality guarantee?

A - Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will refund you on the spot.


Q - Do you sell single sticks as well?

A - Premium Cigars mostly supplies experienced enthusiasts and long time smokers and for that reason we only offer full boxes of cigars for sale and not single sticks.


Q - Do you offer online sales?

A - Under South African law it is illegal to offer any tobacco products for sale online. That is why we require you to become a member and then we can deliver your order directly to you with your consent. This process then eliminates the online order process.


Q - Can I pay with a Credit Card?

A - For your and our security we do not accept or offer Credit Card Payments. We accept EFT payments or cash.


Q - Are you an online merchant of cigars?

A - No, we are not an online merchant of cigars or any other tobacco related products. Our website is merely a portal and source of information for our Premium and Classic members. You will see that nowhere do we offer online orders or online payments for cigars or any other tobacco related products. 


Q - Are you a tobacconist shop?

A - We are neither a tobacconist nor an online merchant and we don't carry large volumes of stock. We are a tobacco retailer with the added benefit of direct delivery to our customers and acceptable prices. 


Q - How does your supply chain function?

A - Since we do not offer online sales or have a physical store front, our supply chain functions in the following way. 

    A) You request the brand and quantity of boxes you require.

    B) We supply you with a quote and a confirmation of stock availability.

    C) If you accept the quote, you place your order and make your payment.

    D) We source your order from the importers/suppliers and deliver it to you.


It takes less than 5 minutes to complete steps A - C. It will take you less time to place an order with us then it will take you to find parking at a shopping centre. A simple phone call, sms or email is all it takes and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or office.


Q - Where can I view your price list and available cigars for sale?

A - You will need to be a member and use your login details. Your membership login details will be provided to you once your membership application is received and processed. You can log in here if you have your login details with you.


Q - How do I place an order?

A - Once you have joined and is confirmed as a member you can place your order via email, fax or telephone. Payments can be made through EFT or you can pay in cash.


Q - Is there a minimum amount I must order for?

A - No, as long as you order a full box of cigars, regardless of the price of the box of cigars, there is no minimum amount you must order for.


Q - Is the delivery included in the price of the box of cigars?

A - Yes, delivery is included for weekly deliveries to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Additional shipping and insurance charges may be applicable for orders in other provinces. Please note that insurance is calculated at 3% of the value of your order. Insurance is not mandatory but the customer will then carry the risk if a parcel gets lost or stolen.


Q - Can I expect same day delivery?

A - Yes, for orders over R5000.00 we will go out of our way to have it delivered to you in Gauteng on the same day at no extra charge.


Q - Can you deliver on the same day if my order is less than R5000.00?

A - Yes, but additional charges may apply if your order is less than R5000.00. If we are in your area and it is possible to get the stock from the suppliers in time then there will be no additional charges.


Q - When can I expect delivery of my order?

A - Orders are are mostly delivered the same or at the latest the next day after your order was placed and paid for. Orders that are shipped can be shipped overnight or a 2-3 days option at a lower cost can also be arranged. Johannesburg & Pretoria orders can be delivered during office hours as well as after hours. Saturday and Sunday deliveries can also be arranged.


Q - When do I need to place my order?

A - You need to place your order at least a day or 2 before before the day you wish to have the cigars in your possession. For example: If you need the cigars on a Friday then it will be best to place your order on the Wednesday or at the latest the Thursday morning.


Q - Will it be possible for me to collect my order instead of you delivering it?

A - Yes, it can be arranged. We are located in Broadacres close to Fourways in Johannesburg.


Q - Are your prices lower than what I am paying now?

A - Prices differ between tobacconists by as much as 25%. It is safe to say that our prices compare favourably with what you are used to pay but with the added benefit of having your cigars personally delivered to your front door. The South African cigar industry is small and we do not intend to undercut any  tobacco retailer. Even if we do not have their overheads we still need to deliver the cigars to you. What we gain by not having a store's overheads we forgo on delivery costs. 


Q - Where will my order be delivered?

A - You can specify - at your home or office.


Q - Who will deliver my order?

A - We will personally deliver your cigars or for provinces outside of Gauteng it will be our Courier Company that takes great care of your cigars.


Q - Can you deliver after hours?

A - Yes, it can be arranged.


Q - Can you deliver on weekends?

A - Yes. it can be arranged.


Q - Who supplies you with stock?

A - We order our stock from the importers and suppliers of cigars in South Africa. We do not import any cigars ourselves.


Q - Do you sell fakes?

A - No. All our cigars are 100% authentic and comes into the country through proper and legal channels. 


Q - For how long is my membership valid?

A - Once you have joined your membership will remain active forever.


Q - My question was not asked and answered here - who can I contact?

A - Please contact


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Cigar Delivery Service


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● Fast delivery throughout South Africa ●


● Kept at perfect humidity & temperature ●


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● No damaged parcels ●


● Guaranteed service ●


● Expert advice ●


●  Top Cigar Brands in South Africa ●

Alec Bradley / Bolivar / Cohiba / Gurkha

H. Upmann / Hoyo de Monterrey / Montecristo

Nub / Padrón / Partagás / Punch / Trinidad

Romeo y Julieta / Vegas Robaina / Oliva


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