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What We Offer


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The Cohiba range includes:

Behike BHK 52 /  Behike BHK 54 /  Behike BHK 56

Esplendidos / Panetelas / Robustos / Lanceros

Maduro 5:  Genios / Magicos / Secretos

Piramides Extra / 1966 LE

Siglo I, Siglo II, Siglo III, Siglo VI, Siglo V, Siglo VI.


The Gurkha range includes:

Seduction XO / Cellar Reserve - Koi

Evil Robusto / Royal Challenge Robusto or Churchill

125th Anniversay Edition Torpedo

Ghost Angel Torpedo Tubo / Ghost Shadow

Ghost Asura / Ninja Knife / Evil Robusto

Alec Bradley

The Alec Bradely range includes:

Prensado Churchill / Prensado Torpedo

Prensado Gran Toro / Prensado Robusto

Black Market Toro / Family Blend - Blend


The Montecristo range includes:

520 LE 2012 / Edmundo / Petit Edmundo

No.2 / No.3 / No.4 / No.5

Open Eagle / Open Junior / Open Regata / Open Master


The Partagás range includes:

Coronas Junior / Mille Fleurs / Shorts

Serie D No.4 / Serie P No. 2 / De Luxe

Serie D No.5 / Coronas Senior

Serie C No.3 LE 2012

Romeo y Julieta

The Romeo y Julieta range includes:

Churchills / Coronitas en Cedro / Dukes 2009

  Exhibicion No.4 / Mille Fleurs / Belicosos

Romeo No.1 / Romeo No.2 / Romeo No.3

Short Churchills /  Wide Churchills / Petit Churchills

H. Upmann

The H. Upmann range includes:

Coronas Junior / Coronas Major / Coronas Minor

Magnum 46 / Magnum 50 / Sir Winston / Monarchs

H. Upmann No.2 / Robusto LE 2012


The Oliva range includes:

Serie V: Double Robusto / Torpedo Figurado / Belicoso

Serie G:  Robusto / Tubos / Serie O Tubos

Serie O: Double Toro / Maduro Double Toro

Serie V Melanio 5" / Serie V Melanio 7"


The Bolívar range includes: 

Belicosos Finos / Royal Coronas / Coronas Gigantes

Tubos No.1 / Tubos No.2

Hoyo de Monterrey

The Hoyo de Monterrey range includes: 

Chruchills / Epicure Especial / Epicure No.2 / Churchills

Petit Robusto / Coronation / Short Piramides LE 2011

Vegas Robaina

The Vegas Robain range includes:

Famosos / Don Alejandro / Familiar / Classicos / Unicos


The Punch range includes:

Punch Churchills / Punch Punch / Double Coronas

Nub Cigars

The Nub Cigars range includes: 

Maduro / Sun Grown / Cameroon / Connecticut


The Trinidad range includes: 

Fundadores / Ronusto Extra / Robusto T / Coloniales


The Padrón range includes:

1926 Maduro:  No.9 / No.2 Belicoso / Maduro No.6

1926 Maduro 80th Anniversary / Maduro Family Reserve #45

1926 Maduro Family Reserve #46 / 1926 Natural No. 9

1926 No.2 Belicoso / 1926 Natural No.6 / 1926 Natural No.35

1926 Natural 40th Ann. / 1926 Natural 80th Ann. 

1926 Natural Family Reserve #45

1964 Anniversary Series Maduro:

Exclusivo or  Principe

1964 Anniversary Series Natural 

Torpedo,  Imperial,  Exclusivo,  Pyramide

1964 Anniversary Series Maduro Diplomatico

Padron Series Maduro 7000 / Padron Series Natural 7000

Jose L. Piedra

The Jose L. Piedra range includes: 

Brevas /  Cazadores / Conservas / Cremas

 Nacionales / Petit Cazadores / Petit Cetros / Petit Cremas




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● Fast delivery throughout South Africa ●


● Kept at perfect humidity & temperature ●


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●  Top Cigar Brands in South Africa ●

Alec Bradley / Bolivar / Cohiba / Gurkha

H. Upmann / Hoyo de Monterrey / Montecristo

Nub / Padrón / Partagás / Punch / Trinidad

Romeo y Julieta / Vegas Robaina / Oliva


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Cigar deliveries in RSA.

Deliveries Every Week in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Natal, Free State & The Whole of the Cape Province. 


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