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Youth Smoking Prevention


We at The Premium Cigar Association of Gauteng are firm believers that smoking is a choice that should be made by consenting adults only.  


We, together with the largest part of the Tobacco Industry, support the government's future plans to increase the legal age for the purchasing of tobacco products to 18. Although the law currently states that the legal age is 16 we do not offer membership to any person under the age of 21.


We are all aware that smoking increases your exposure to smoking related diseases. We are not in the business to promote smoking or the use of any tobacco related products to the youth of South Africa.


We only offer our services to adults who have already made the decision to use tobacco products as well as being properly aware of the risks associated with smoking.


It is a well known fact that by using tobacco products you run the risk of becoming addicted. Some users of tobacco products find it difficult to quit. 


The best choice to avoid smoking related diseases or addiction would be not to start smoking at all or to quit.


We adhere to the legal requirements that all tobacco products must have health warnings. All the products we offer will have the necessary health warnings in place as required under South African Law.


The Premium Cigar Association of Gauteng does not sell the act of smoking, but instead sell well known and respected brands.


We realise that while adults must make the informed choice about using tobacco products themselves, they also make informed choices about the brands they enjoy.



For more information on how to

quit smoking call: 011 720 3154


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